Victor Simon - 2008
Piano, musical director: Victor Simon
Violin: MĂ©lanie Vaugeois
Second violin (2 &9): VĂ©ronica Thomas
Cello : Elizabeth Dubé
Double bass : Christophe Papadimitriou
Bandoneon : Denis Plante

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"L’Ensemble Montréal Tango" was created in 1998 by the argentine pianist Victor Simon. Present in a great number of concerts in Canada and overseas, the Ensemble has distinguished itself by the originality and the sensibility of its repertoire, imposing itself as one of the new cornerstones of the Nuevo Tango.
1- Prima Tango - V. Simon - C. Piculeata
2- Milonga de Lolo - V. Simon
3- Enamorada- V. Simon
4- Tristera - V. Simon
5- Nightclub 1960 - A. Piazzolia - V. Simon
6- Les danseurs d'après-midi (tango) - V. Simon
7- Desesperado - V. Simon
8- Inattendu - V. Simon
9- Pigale - V. Simon
10- Sentido - V. Simon
11- Café 1930 - A. Piazzolia - V. Simon
Victor Simon - 2003
Piano, musical director: Victor Simon
Violin : MĂ©lanie Vaugeois
Cello : Elizabeth Dubé
Double bass : Christophe Papadimitriou
FlĂĽgelhorn : Etienne Sourd
Bombos : Luis Lopez, Alberto Torres
Drum : Alberto Torres
Congas : Liber Cerron, Ricardo Praiz, Esteban Praiz

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Victor Simon’s cultural roots nurture his univers; they emphasize it and put into prespective. His music is much more than a mere updated fusion or jazzy way through southern and Latin American rhythms. Because he does not confuse newness with novelty, he has been able to face the challenge of penetrating into the music of the present, without neglecting the connection that unites him with imaginary hemisphere. Thus emerges, with a renewing passion, a world full of surprises, open to all senses, and at the same time, deeply respectfull of its origins.

Luis Thenon (Ph.D) Laval University (Quebec) Litteratures Dept. Trans. François Legault
1- Cueca (cueca) - V. Simon
2- Milonga d'ici (milonga) - V. Simon
3- Raza (guaracha santiagueña) - V. Simon
4- Sentido (tango) - V. Simon
5- Du Mont-Royal (candombe) - V. Simon
6- Los pajáros perdidos (tango) - Astor Piazzolla
7- Les danseurs d'après-midi (tango) - V. Simon
8- Au nouveau-né (zamba) - V. Simon
9- Cholita (huayno) - V. Simon
10- Tristera (milonga sureña) - V. Simon
11- Malambero (malambo) - V. Simon
12- Oblivion (tango) - Astor Piazzolla
Ensemble Montréal Tango along with Nestor Vaz Chaves, Julio Cobelli and Soraya Benitez - 2000
Piano, musical director: Victor Simon
Violin: Carmen Picuelata
Double bass: Christophe Papadimitriou
Bandoneon : Nestor Vaz Chaves
Guitar: Julio Cobelli
Voice : Soraya Benitez
Sound engineering : Marcello De Lambre
Editing : Marcello De Lambre - Martin Léveillé
Produced by Tango Bohemio © Paul Montpetit 2001

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Throughout the last years, numerous quality shows were presented to the Montreal tango lovers. But we must wait until the spring 2000 to get a superproduction of tango under the artistic direction of Wouter Brave from Amsterdam. It brings together on the same stage famous dancers and musicians of the moment with local artists to produce the show «TANGO TANGO». The musical content was unquestionably one of the highlights of this amazing show. The classics of the repertoire are presented, but also original compositions from Victor Simon, with the sound quality of live performance:
1- Tierra Querida (Julio de Caro) - Morceau complet
2- Gallo Ciego (Agustin Bardi)
3- En esta tarda gris (M. Mores-J. M. Contursi - Chant : S. Benitez)
4- Pablo (José Martinez)
5- Don Agustin Bardi (Horacio Salgan)
6- Zum (Astor Piazzolla)
7- La orillera (O.M. Bassil)
8- La ultima curda (A. Troilo - C. Castillo - Chant : Soraya Benitez)
9- Escualo ! (Astor Piazzolla)
10- El Motivo (Juan Carlos Cobian)
11- Solitude - suite montréalaise n°3 (Nestor Vaz Chaves)
12- Milonga de mis amores (Pedro Laurenz)
13- Les danseurs d'après-midi (Victor Simon)
14- Prima tango (Victor Simon et Carmen Piculeata)
15- Les mareados (Juan Carlos Cobian - E. Cadicamo)
16- Libertango